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The dream comes true

Finally the DREAM is coming true .. we moved full time to ours catamaran with which we began a long navigation around the world.


We like the idea of alternating the magic of long voyages to discover new lands and cultures. We are excited about the idea of living this by giving our small contribution, thanks to associative activity, to the great cause of marine pollution by supporting associations and projects with this vocation.




Sailing around the world

The project started from the Mediterranean Sea where we sailed starting from July and throughout the summer season 2022, starting from Sardinia and ending in Almerimar (Spain) where we are currently completing the preparation of the boat for the Atlantic Ocean.

(Read the summary post of the summer season)

After that, we will pass Gibraltar to get to the Canary Islands and cross the Atlantic Ocean to reach Guadeloupe (Caribbean) by 2022. 

We like the idea of exploring the Caribbean for at least a couple of seasons by moving to areas protected from cyclones such as the San Blas Islands (Panama).  

When we are ready, the Strait of Panama awaits us to meet the Pacific, then the Galapagos Islands, the Marquesas Islands, Tahiti and Fiji to arrive on the northern coast of Australia. We then go up to Indonesia to arrive in Thailand then Sri Lanka, Maldives to meet the Indian Ocean then India towards Dubai.

Descend to skirt Oman and Yemen to enter the Red Sea, skirting Sudan and Egypt to enter the Mediterranean again through the Suez Strait and conclude with your exploration...


even if concluding for us is synonymous with starting :)


Purple Orange Modern Creative Travel Planning Mind Map.jpg

Only the direction is real, the goal is always fictitious, even once reached ... actually, most of all once reached."
(Arthur Schnitzler)


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