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The first chapter is finished! What a story!

Updated: Feb 15

Hello friends! This first chapter of the Ikigai project has now concluded and we are happy to share some info.

Starting from Rome on 16 July 2022 and concluding the season in the Caribbean (Grenada) on 6 June 2023 we spent 294 days at sea sailing 6700 nautical miles and visiting 14 different countries.

Heartfelt thanks to all the 31 associates who took part in this adventure with the hope of having you still on board for the second chapter.. the new program will be available soon!

Thanks for the technical support to Tullio Piccinini, Matteo Miceli, Sylvain Perrel and Maurizio Palmesi.

Enthusiastic to have practiced together our passions such as offshore sailing, freediving, scuba diving, spearfishing, kitesurfing, yoga, trekking, cayaking etc etc as well as cooking and good food.

Proud to have crossed the first ocean together, the Atlantic.

Happy to have shared so many unforgettable moments together

Let's keep in touch!

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