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Life on board

We like the idea of sharing our dream with old and new friends, thanks to whom, through their contribution, it makes the project sustainable in the long term.

Therefore, sailors who choose to get on board become part of the crew by participating  actively to life on board, each in relation to their own experience and abilities. We equally divide travel expenses such as fuel and mooring while, for practical reasons, the galley is included in the participation fee. Although generally following the established navigation, sailors are welcome to give their contribution in this sense as well (see below), by indicating, for example, sites of interest in proximity.  

Given that the annual navigation program is designed to follow warm and favourable climate, each sailor should always be aware that, at sea the last word is left to the weather elements, which is why it may happen that we have to remain stationary in a port or protected in a bay at anchor due to weather conditions.

Main shared on-board activities:

Order and cleanliness

In the boat, order is a synonym for safety, which is why it is of fundamental importance to help keep the boat always tidy, especially during navigation. Upon boarding you will find your cabin and bathroom clean and tidy, as such we expect you to leave them when you disembark. The cleaning of the kitchen will be handled in turn by the crew, exempting those who cooked

Guard shifts

During long voyages, crew members with sufficient experience alternate in the command post monitoring navigation and weather conditions.


You will hardly be called to cook unless you, like us, like to cook. In this case we will be happy to try your favourite recipes :)


You can contribute in reporting useful information and sites of interest in the areas affected by navigation. Even if we spend a lot of time in this activity, constantly moving to discover new lands, we may miss something.  


If you feel in tune with our lifestyle and want to participate to the project, you can apply to join the association and choose  

how many weeks a year to join us on board by choosing the desired timeframe (while being on board you can take any of our courses.)


The price per person includes:


  • Soft drinks and food

  • Use of sports equipment  

  • Sheets and towels

  • Internet connection (when possible)

  • Membership fee (annual)

The price does not include:


  • Transfer costs from the ports of embarkation / disembarkation

  • Fuel and moorings (divided equally among the members on board)

  • Alcoholic drinks


* Thanks to the membership fees and the services offered, every year we help a different non-profit association operating in the environmental and marine protection sector. We are not looking for profit, just keep expenses of boat life lower

"The sea, especially when sailing, is complementary to you. It wraps around you, it shapes you, it helps you, it accompanies you. It helps you understand, yourself and others."

Giovanni Soldini

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