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  • Be 18 or older (16 or 17 with parent or guardian consent)

  • Can swim at least 200m non-stop without fins or at least 300m non-stop with mask, fins and snorkel

  • Have completed the AIDA2 course or completed the AIDA2 Crossover assessment if you switch from another freediving agency


Requirements: 2:45 minutes STA; 55 meters DYN, 24 meters CWT, theory exam


Minimum sessions in the water: 6


The course is designed to further develop the skills of the previous levels, to acquire new skills and a greater knowledge of safety procedures and techniques. The new techniques that are introduced are free fall, Frenzel Equalizing, the use of training tables, risks related to pressure variations and risk minimization techniques. Students will train these skills in the most common freediving disciplines: Static Freediving, Dynamic Freediving, Free Diving and Constant Weight.

The theory will include: Physiology, Equalization, Barotrauma, Deep Lungs, Buoyancy, Shallow Water Blackout, Training Concepts, Mammalian Diving Response, Decompression Sickness, Surface Intervals, and Freediver's Code of Conduct.

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