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Professional skipper, has achieved the Rya Yacht Master Offshore certification and is recognized as a sailing instructor by Coni Italy.


Luca is also a freediving instructor certified from the international organizations AIDA and Apnea Total.


As an enthusiast of aquatic therapies, he actively participates in first-level Janzu & Wata courses, enabling the blending of the passion for water with the art of caring for others.

With a professional background in the catering industry and a love for fine food and hospitality, he takes pleasure in pampering guests by immersing them in the "Dolce Vita" of IKIGAI, a project founded alongside friends in 2022 to promote a life in harmony with nature, distanced from the induced needs of modern society.

Since then,he has been living full-time in the elements, sailing across the vastness of the ocean and delving into its depths to explore the world and discover himself.

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